The adventures of Chick the First


Chick I is unique: minuscule but full-on, naïve but unshakable in his beliefs. He takes everything literally and is absolutely hilarious; most of all, however, he’s thoroughly adorable. With a clutch of friends and the confines of the farm as his universe, Chick I is keen to understand the world around him (in his own way, of course).

 Following on from a highly acclaimed first volume, the celebrated and prolific writer Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt continues his incursion into the graphic novel to create a series of new adventures for his character, in a deft fusion of a running joke and a philosophical fable. Where am I? Who am I? These are questions which, thanks to the wonderfully expressive graphics of Janry (of Spirou fame), also tap into the grand tradition of Franco-Belgian humour.

 Good-humoured and quirky, witty and always intelligent, this superb duo has come up with an idiosyncratic graphic novel – a unique and off-beat cocktail!

1st Chick


Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Why can’t a cow act like a butterfly? Where do I go when I sleep?
Discover, in the adventures of 1st Chick, how the existential doubts and questions of a chick can cause mayhem in the chicken run.
Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, a thoroughly modern story-teller, has teamed up with the talented Belgian illustrator, Janry, to produce his first graphic novel.
A delectable animal fable with expressive, uncompromising drawings divided into sketches a few pages long.

Available in the bookshops from 6 September.