Georges and Georges


After a few years of life together, Marianne and Georges can no longer bear one another. She hankers after the tender, innocent Georges of earlier days, while he dreams of a more titillating marriage. Into their lives comes Dr Galopin, a specialist in electromagnetism. The couple now come face-to-face with their dreams…

And each has to hide them from the other. The nightmare begins.

From a Paris apartment to the Embassy in Jakarta, doors slam and multiple misunderstandings trigger reversals and hilarity: six characters and their author in flight and hot pursuit.

A crazy comedy.

In a jubilant postscript, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt analyses his long-standing interest in Feydeau’s work, his "inside-out tragedies", the complexity and mathematical rigour of the playwright who said "when the character is least wanted on stage, that’s the very moment to bring him on stage."

In the edition, Livre de Poche (August 2014)