The adventures of Chick the First

Chick I is unique: minuscule but full-on, naïve but unshakable in his beliefs. He takes everything literally and is absolutely hilarious; most of all, however, he’s thoroughly adorable.

Théâtre Rive Gauche

Une Folie

A play by Sacha GUITRY.
Based on a production by Francis HUSTER.


Livre de Poche – Ulysses from Baghdad

New edition of the novel Ulysses from Baghdad published by Livre de Poche editions with an introduction, foreword and afterword by the author.

Editions in other languages

La nuit de feu - Italy

La Nuit de Feu – Italy
Publication by E/O Edizioni of La nuit de feu.

At the theater in other languages

Milady Russia

 Krasnodar Youth Theater. Première september 2015.


Les aventures de poussin 1er, Tome 2

L'Elixir d'Amour

Le joueur d'échecs

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