The Man who Could See Through Faces

After Night of Fire, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt continues his exploration of the spiritual mysteries in a disturbing novel that powerfully blends philosophy with suspense.

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The carousel of desire

Celebrated short-story writer, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt's (The Most Beautiful Book in the World) first full-length novel to appear in English is a literary tour de force, a magnificent cathedral of contemporary eroticism.


Livre de poche – Théâtre, Tome 4 (“Plays, Volume 4”)

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s five most recent plays, performed throughout the world, are brought together in a single volume.

Editions in other languages

Noc ognia - Night of Fire - Poland

I was born twice, once in Lyon in 1960 and once in the Sahara in 1989.

One night can change a whole life.


Les aventures de poussin 1er, Tome 2

Le chien

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