My Gospels - Night In The Olive Groves


My Gospels (Night in the Olive Groves and The Gospel according to Pilate)

Two plays about the same mystery, to be acted together or separately. Both are the adaptation for stage of the novel The Gospel according to Pilate, 2004.

'I called these two texts My Gospels to show that I am not propounding any truth, still less the truth, historical or theological; I am simply offering my way of seeing things. When you talk about paintings, music, books or films you automatically rearrange events, highlight this, omit that. In the same way, believers and unbelievers alike all invent a fifth Gospel.'

Night In the Olive Groves

On the hill of the olive groves, a few hours before his arrest, Jesus wonders how he has come to this. Is he really the Messiah? How did he end up believing it? Is it for this that he has to die? An age-old tale told from an original angle that dramatises Jesus's own doubts and self-questioning. The Incarnation is challenged by the Incarnate himself. The result is a poignant monologue with far-reaching implications.


  • In french language, published by Albin Michel
  • In Lithuanian language, published by Alma Littera
  • In Polish language, published by Znak, 2006
  • In Persian language