For 15 years in the inter-war period, the legendary couple formed by Sacha Guitry and Yvonne Printemps reigned unchallenged in Paris and throughout the world. Imagine a play that Sacha Guitry might have written in his lifetime, commissioning Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt to produce the script. The result, behind the witty words, is a love story full of happiness, quarrels, betrayals and jealousies – those of two sparkling and impossible lovers – about the passion of a genius for a nightingale who could not bear her cage.


“A few years of major passion, a few years of major suspicions, and a few years of major suffering.” Éric-Emmanuel SCHMITT

Stage Productions

At The theatre Rive Gauche - Paris, directed by Steve Suissa


With Claire Keim (Yvonne Printemps), Martin Lamotte (Sacha Guitry), Sylvain Katan